Introducing Rio Network Testnet

Testing for Security and Usability


The Rio Network public testnet is live. Users can connect their wallet, deposit testnet ETH, receive testnet reETH, request and claim funds, and view transaction history.


Our mission is to provide the best risk-managed access to ETH total return. We execute on this mission by coordinating AVS selection and weighting, operator selection and management, liquidity and asset mix for restaked deposits, and efficient aggregation of restaking rewards.

This testnet period has three goals:

  1. Battletest security and usability with restakers

  2. Onboard, review, and track operators interested in joining future operator sets

  3. Provide a development environment for our integration partners


Launch the Rio testnet, give us feedback, check out our docs, and join us on Discord. For more information, follow along on Twitter and Telegram - or send us an email with any questions.

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