Introducing Rio Network Documentation

Establishing the Network Architecture for Restakers, Operators, and AVSs


Comprehensive technical documentation of the Rio Network.


Our mission is to provide the best risk-managed access to ETH total return. We execute on this mission by coordinating AVS selection and weighting, operator selection and management, liquidity and asset mix for restaked deposits, and efficient aggregation of restaking rewards.

To date, we haven’t revealed exactly how we’ll manage the inherent complexity of the restaking supply chain. This technical documentation is our first step. Upon review, you’ll find the documentation to be rigorous and designed for evaluation. Specifically, we’re catering to restakers, operators, and AVSs who are taking this category and risk management seriously.


Read documentation here. Follow along on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, or email us at If you have feedback or questions on our documentation - please reach out.

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