Introducing reETH

Improving ETH Total Return Profile through Restaking


reETH (“Restaked Ether”), the first liquid restaking token (LRT) from Rio Network, provides risk-managed access to ETH total return without sacrificing liquidity.


The transition from proof of work to proof of stake made ETH a productive asset. To earn income outside of capital appreciation, holders stake and participate in transaction ordering and network consensus. Already, 20%+ of ETH has been staked and an entire new industry category—liquid staking tokens—formed to manage the tradeoffs between staking risk, staking income, and underlying ETH liquidity.

Now, history is repeating. Enter restaking and EigenLayer.

Restaking makes ETH an even more productive asset by allowing ETH and staked ETH to generate additional income by securing new networks, protocols, applications (collected called actively validated services or AVS). Just like with staking, restaking will drive higher staking rates and an entire new industry category—liquid restaking tokens (like reETH)—to manage the tradeoffs between restaking risk, restaking income, and underlying ETH liquidity.


Learn more about reETH here. Follow along on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, or email with any questions. If you’re building an AVS, or you’re an operator of EigenLayer infrastructure, or you manage an ETH rewards portfolio - please reach out.

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