Introducing Rio Network Operators

Partnering with Operators to Deploy, Secure, and Maintain Infrastructure for Scaling Restaking


Rio Network’s first operator set consists of Chorus One, Figment, HashKey Cloud, Kiln, and Unit 410. These five operators intend to run ETH validators and maintain infrastructure for select Actively Validated Services (AVS).


Rio Network improves ETH Total Return through risk-managed access to restaking rewards. We execute on this mission by coordinating AVS selection and weighting, operator selection and management, liquidity and asset mix for restaked deposits, and efficient aggregation of restaking rewards. Our initial operator set was constructed with two objectives:

First, alignment with our core value of risk management. Both restaking and AVS management bring significant risks (ex. slashing) and require operators experienced with deploying, securing, and maintaining high-availability distributed systems in adversarial environments.

Second, category leadership. These operators are the category leaders in staking and liquid staking across North American, European, and Asian markets. As restaking becomes a new industry category with similar characteristics and market dynamics, our partnership helps cement Rio Network as a category leader.


Follow along on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, or email. If you’re an operator interested in joining Rio Network, please reach out.

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